We love to host events 

Whether live, hybrid or digital – conferences, trade fairs, labs, open days, road shows, exhibits – we master the entire repertoire of events and bring our passion and creativity to every project! We develop events that we would like to attend ourselves. We translate socially relevant content from institutions, authorities and associations into fascinating experiences. 

We specialise in communicating serious content in a meaningful and creative way. We develop ideas and concepts on how people meet and interact with each other. We tell coherent and exciting stories in big pictures that come from the heart – and aim for the heart. 


We are a team of arts scholars, concept developers, architects, scenographers, graphic designers and project managers who translate your themes and content convincingly into the exhibition space.

Strategic consulting 

We find the perfect event format and provide advice throughout the entire process.

Idea development and storytelling 

We translate content into captivating images, gripping interactions and lasting experiences.  

Spaces and scenographies 

We create communicative spaces that put your topic centre stage.

Event design 

We develop a suitable design for all areas of the event, such as room, stage, graphic and motion design. 

Planning and organisation 

We manage the entire process, from planning to the day of the event and beyond, and control all those involved. 

Realisation on site 

We are on site with passion on day X and ensure that everything runs smoothly. 

Communication that aims for the heart simply makes sense – and that's exactly what drives us. 

„Open dialogue on fundamental political issues is one of the cornerstones of our democracy. We create the right framework for this.“

Sven Wolgram, Managing Partner

All projects in the field of political communication events

Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Klimaschutz

Digital Summit 2023


Green Week 2023


Take Over Bellevue


Agricultural Congress 2023

Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs

International Metropolis Conference


Digital Summit 2022

Innocence in Danger e.V.


Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate

Meeting of the G7 climate protection, energy and environment ministers in Berlin 2022

Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs

AI Conference 


Global Green New Deals

Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety

Informal Meeting of EU Environmental Ministers


Human Rights Award 2020

German Federal Ministry for the Environment

COP 25 Chile

German Federal Ministry for the Environment

We create wonders

Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs


Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs

Conference - Human Rights and Decent Work in Global Supply Chains

facts and fiction

SOS Solidarity Concert

Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs

Open Day 2018

Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs

Opening of the think tank

Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs

Night Shift