Digital Summit 2022

Client: BMWK

Year: 2022


The Digital Summit 2022, under the guiding theme of "Creating value through data", was a pioneering event that brought together leading minds from politics, business and civil society. This special platform enabled the exchange of ideas and discussion on how the wealth of data generated can be utilised for the benefit of society.

facts and fiction gave the event a fresh look with a new key visual. The visual concept ran harmoniously through the entire event, from the stage design to the external communication and the specially developed app.

With a large hall and a more intimate smaller hall with a stage, an impressive interior design was created at Station Berlin. Lightweight gauzes served as structuring elements and were woven into an atmospheric setting by an iridescent lighting design. The floating, round lighting elements in the background picked up on the event logo and the seven platforms, creating a visual connection. The stage design was also characterised by sustainability: reusable elements, borrowed elements and deliberately chosen materials emphasised the BMWK's commitment to environmentally conscious event design and implementation.

The specially programmed event app proved to be a real added value for the conference experience. Participants were not only able to use the app to keep track of everything, but also to network effortlessly and access relevant information, be it the detailed programme or background information on the speakers.

The entire summit was broadcast via livestream on the websites of the federal ministries, the Digital Summit homepage and on YouTube. This gave not only those physically present, but also people around the world the opportunity to take part in the discussions and benefit from the findings.

The implementation of extensive security measures, in close coordination with the Federal Criminal Police Office, was of crucial importance. Thanks to the precise registration and accreditation of guests, press representatives and employees, the event ran smoothly and safely.

facts and fiction organised the chancellor's lunch with platform chairs, including keynote speeches. The Chancellor's concluding tour of selected exhibits from the platforms emphasised the importance of innovations in the field of data collection and security.

The Digitalgipfel 2022 provided impetus for the future of data, with technology and collaboration taking centre stage.

Pictures © Christian Kruppa