We love museums

We have been designing museums and exhibitions for around two decades: From places of remembrance and natural history museums to company exhibitions and cultural-historical themed exhibitions, everything is included. We translate curatorial concepts into fascinating spaces & experiences, and present objects and their stories.

Interactive and participative

Contemporary exhibitions are always also places of public discourse. We give visitors the opportunity to actively participate and leave their own mark.

Sustainable design and experience

We take responsibility for the future and the generations to come.

This applies to the development of exhibitions as well as to all

our other activities. 

Barrier-free and inclusive

Museums are places for everyone. So they must also be understood by everyone. We design exhibitions that appeal not just to one sense -

but to all seven. 

Sustainable design and experience

We take responsibility for the future and the generations to come.

This applies to the development of exhibitions as well as to all

our other activities. 


We are a team of arts scholars, concept developers, architects, scenographers, graphic designers and project managers who translate your themes and content convincingly into the exhibition space. 

Strategic and curatorial consulting, phase 0

We provide support with strategy and conception, develop initial images, help with the search for resources and design the further process.

Idea development and spatial storytelling

We translate content into great narratives and images, interactions and participative experiences. 

Exhibition architecture, scenography and exhibits

We design spaces that set the scene for exhibits and topics: From large scenographic spatial gestures to individual display cabinets.

Communication, media and graphic design

We develop a suitable design language and apply it to the exhibition so that the exhibits are shown to their best advantage.

Planning and organisation (HOAS/HOAI)

We work in a structured and goal-orientated manner according to HOAS or HOAI – or according to project-specific regulations.

Supervision of the realisation, construction supervision

We organise trial constructions, monitor the structural realisation including all interfaces and supervise the project through to final completion.

Ausstellungsauszug Integrierte Station Westküste
"As exhibition designers, we set the scene for themes and exhibits. We design inviting, positive places for social discourse. We create attention."

Jörg Krauthäuser, Founder and Managing partner

All projects in the field of museums and exhibitions 

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Landesmuseum Hannover


Landesmuseum Hannover




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