Skizze über das Zeppelinfeld

Zeppelinfeld place of learning and encounter

Client: City of Nürnberg

Year: 2025

Museums and exhibitions

The Zeppelin Field and the Zeppelin Grandstand, part of the Nuremberg Nazi Party Rally Grounds, are central sites of National Socialist ideology and propaganda. How do we deal with such a place today? How can this place become part of our pluralistic and democratic society today? The city of Nuremberg has decided to preserve Zeppelin Field and the Zeppelin Tribune as a place of learning and encounter. The site will be structurally secured and made accessible. This will counteract mystification and create a place where people can remember, reflect and learn. The center of National Socialist propaganda and exclusion will be transformed into a space of diversity and inclusion.

facts and fiction won a multi-stage competition to design the new learning and meeting places on the Zeppelin Field, in the Zeppelin Tribüne and at Dutzendteich station in Nuremberg..  

Zeppelin Field

Four so-called places of reflection are being realized on the Zeppelin Field. They are aimed at visitors who will visit the then open field in the future for a variety of reasons, many without any knowledge of the historical function of the site. The places of reflection are placed on the historical building substance like notes, strikingly designed to arouse the interest of visitors and provide space and opportunity to engage with the history of the site, especially with regard to its significance for the here and now.

Zeppelin grandstand  

The exhibition in the adjoining rooms of the Zeppelin grandstand explains the construction history and use of the grandstand in the years of National Socialism and afterwards. The design of the exhibition elements is clearly set apart from the building fabric, while the historical architecture remains fully visible. The overall design of the exhibition places a strong focus on inclusion and participation: a place for the few becomes a place for everyone.


The project is being developed on behalf of the City of Nuremberg in close cooperation with the Documentation Center Nazi Party Rally Grounds Nuremberg, with Hackl Hoffmann Landscape Architects, Pfaller Ingenieure, 2-bs Architekten and Fritsch Knodt Klug + Partner mdP Architekten as key project partners. The project will be implemented in stages until 2025.

Pictures: Geschäftsbereich Kultur der Stadt Nürnberg / facts and fiction