if you don't dream of flying, you won't grow wings.

We are a colourful group of experts from a wide variety of fields. We are united by the joy of realising great projects. With commitment, perseverance and the ambition of achieving perfection – as well as with helpfulness, high spirits and good humour. Yes, we have fun at work.

„Our mascot is the flying fish. It leaves its element, changes its perspective and comes back with new ideas. It embodies a pioneering spirit, openness to innovation and enthusiasm for new things.“

Dietmar Jähn, Managing Partner

How we work

We love to tell exciting stories in big pictures. Stories that come from the heart and touch the heart. Because people believe with their minds but decide with their hearts. That's why communication that targets the heart simply common sense.

What we stand for 

Our mission statement is founded on responsibility, respect and open interaction with one another. These values characterise our actions and ensure good cooperation within our team and with our business partners. We act fairly and reliably, and work for the success of a project, not primarily for our own.

You can find our complete mission statement here: Mission statement as PDF.

What is close to our hearts

We are committed to sustainability and strive for CO2 neutrality. We have been certified by EMAS environmental management since 2023. We want to minimise our impact on the planet by reducing, reusing and recycling. To this end, we work hand in hand with partners and are constantly looking for new, better ways and processes. You can find out more in our environmental statement.

Our Management Board Jörg Krauthäuser, Dietmar Jähn, Marco Hückel, Sven Wolgram, Kira Brucksch, Kirsten Köhler, Andreas Horbelt, Julia Kullmann (not in the picture)

PS: Over the past 30 years, more than 80 children have been born in our agency thanks to our dedicated employees. Although facts and fiction does not take direct responsibility for these bundles of joy, we are happy about them and promote the compatibility of work and family life.