Golden Tablet

Client: Niedersächsisches Landesmuseum

Year: 2020

Museums and exhibitions

"Everything under one roof": Until a few years ago, this long-established advertising slogan could be used to describe the Hanoverian State Museum accurately. However, since 2011 we have been accompanying and shaping the transformation of the "multi-part house" into a new "World Museum". "Worlds of Nature - Worlds of Man - Worlds of Art" is the triad that is linked by a common narrative.

The current special exhibition "Zeitenwende 1400" offers a preview of the upcoming redesign of the worlds of art. At its centre is the "Golden Tablet", which is considered a major work of Gothic art. Following extensive restoration work, the former high altar of the Benedictine monastery church of St. Michaelis zu Lüneburg shines in new, opulent brilliance.

The show presents the medieval works of art within the framework of new exhibition elements that we have conceived, as well as a space-filling colour concept, which will also shape the appearance of the future worlds of art.