Nature Worlds

Client: Niedersächsisches Landesmuseum

Year: 2014

Museums and exhibitions

The Natural Worlds Exhibtion (NaturWelten) at Hannover Federal State Museum was a world unto itself. Or rather several worlds bringing together WaterWorlds, LandWorlds and AirWorlds. facts and fiction began by developing an overall concept to show visitors the connection between current and past habitats whilst also devoting great attention to detail in each of these habitats.

From water over land into the air - the journey began in the aquarium in the mysterious realm of the sea creatures. Surrounded by bright blue walls made of aluminum panels and warm lighting, the aquaria stood out prominently. The undulating ceiling reflected the gentle ebb and flow of the sea and the floor acted like a sandbank with its inhabitants. Small vitrines were like bubbles integrated into the walls, and at the centre of the sandbank was a skull cabinet.

Visitors reached the coast over a narrow passageway - the mudflats. A gigantic panorama drew the gaze into the distance. The coasts of the North Sea, the Mediterranean and the Caribbean merged into a large collage representing the entire range of colours from blue to turquoise and green, to earthy red tones.

Tree-like structures appeared from the ground in the middle of the room shortly after that symbolising the arrival in the LandWorlds. The trees divided the space into two main axes simultaneously hosting textual and visual information and exhibits. Branchlike elements provided the scenography throughout; the display cases were reduced and clear, vibrant colours distinguished the theme areas from each other.

One of these areas was the world of dinosaurs, located in a glass corridor, half outdoors. Here, original fossils and naturalistic replicas met their living relatives. Archaeological finds and geological exhibits were presented on multilayered platforms, the glass surfaces covered with coloured sheet foils.

The final goal was reached when 80 birds - from hummingbirds to the lesser rhea - appeared in a large aviary displaying the full spectrum of bird families. The AirWorlds accommodated the federal state museum’s unique bird collection and made up a logical and worthy end to the world trip.

Pictures: Annika Feuss