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From Wow! to Change! The Planet A* travelling exhibition shows why biodiversity is important and which factors are endangering it.

The exhibition is aimed primarily at young people and uses a variety of interactive and participatory elements to encourage reflection and discussion. Six exhibition stations show how valuable biodiversity is, name the causes of species loss and explain what solutions are available to protect it. It becomes clear that only joint action in politics, business, science and society can be the key to success.

Planet A* 
The exhibition for *species diversity

Client: BMBF Research Initiative for the Conservation of Biodiversity (FEdA)

Year: 2023

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Participation is the centrepiece of the exhibition concept. Visitors can vote and express their opinions at numerous stations. A variety of interactive exhibits invite visitors to join in: an oversized marble run becomes a group experience, an interactive paragraph makes the legal situation understandable, a set table with rotating dishes reveals the effects of our diet. There are also exciting interviews with young people, films and photo galleries. The design is inspired by the communication of the young protest movement: strong, activist and striking. 

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Planet A* Swingcards

As it is a travelling exhibition, the exhibition modules are designed so that they can be set up quickly and easily and have a small pack size. Thanks to the plug-and-play solution, no trained personnel are required. The exhibition is bilingual, follows the two-senses principle and is barrier-free. In addition to the exhibition design and interaction concept, facts and fiction is developing the accompanying campaign design and advertising material.

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The travelling exhibition is a project of the Research Initiative for the Conservation of Biodiversity (FEdA), which is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. It starts at the Senckenberg Nature Museum in Frankfurt and then travels to other locations in Germany.