Ausstellung einer Raumfahrtsonde bei der ILA 2012

ILA Space Pavilion

Client: Bundesverband der Deutschen Luft- und Raumfahrtindustrie
Year: 2012

Awards: Galaxy Award, FAMAB ADAM AWARD, iF communication design award, Ex Award, Golden Award of Montreux

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The Space Pavilion at the ILA presents the most important trends in space travel. A mission for facts and fiction. We rely on extreme black-white-contrasts and a futuristic ambience to adequately stage the exploration of distant galaxies and satellite-based earth observation.

ILA 2012 Übersicht der Ausstellung

The International Aerospace Exhibition at the Berlin-Schönefeld Airport is one of the industry's most important meetings, and the joint stand of the space agencies ESA and DLR and the German Federal Association of Aerospace Industries and Industries (BDLI) is one of the major crowd-pullers at this trade fair.

Angela Merkel und weitere Politiker bei einer Konversation

The aim of the Space Pavilion is to demonstrate the most important trends in space travel to decision-makers from politics and industry and to convince the general public of their significance for the future – in a simple way. For as infinite as the vastness of space may be, as compact - and factually correct - the complex contents should be presented.

Übersicht über Ausstellungen der ILA 2012

facts and fiction takes on the task of bringing space into space. We rely on strong black-and-white contrasts: the visitors move on glistening white bridges through the night blackness of space. No colours dilute the unusual atmosphere.

Ausstellung einer Rakete bei der ILA 2012

The Space Pavilion thus stands out clearly from other colourful trade fair events. This impressive visual effect was inspired by Kubrick's masterpiece "2001 - Odyssey in Space".

Ausstellung eines Eisbergs bei der ILA 2012

The language of form also contributes to the futuristic ambience. A triangle with rounded angles dominates. The unusual formal substructure based on it transforms this form into countless variants in the exhibition design - a clear precision landing. Monothematic exhibition islands divide the pavilion into quickly comprehensible contexts.

Ausstellungübersicht bei der ILA 2012

The visitor guidance follows the simple system from near Earth to far Earth, starting with the launch of an Ariane 5 and ending with the exploration of distant galaxies. The central and largest island is dedicated to satellite-based earth observation. Organic materials such as lawns and plants establish the connection to the earth here. Satellites collecting environmental and climate-relevant data float - reminiscent of tireless guardian angels - above the fascinated visitors, who are informed by means of an interactive ground projection about the numerous possibilities and the amazing richness of detail of satellite-based earth observation.