Monument construciton site –Loved or a burden?!

Client: Deutsche Stiftung Denkmalschutz

Year: 2021

Museums and exhibitions

The Deutsche Stiftung Denkmalschutz (German Foundation for Monument Conservation) is the largest private initiative for monument conservation in Germany. With this travelling exhibition it aims to engage the general public on the topic of monument conservation and convey its historical, social and cultural significance.

The exhibition presents impressive monuments and explains which restoration and craftsmanship skills are necessary for their preservation. It provides exciting insights into the architectural diversity and richness of detail of monuments. It clears up common misconceptions and misunderstandings and sheds light on the supposedly complicated legislation.

An experience-oriented exhibition, it presents a multitude of interactive and multimedia exhibits. It invites visitors not only to participate, try things out and touch them, but also marvel at handicraft exhibits. The exhibition appeals to both young and old, experts and laypeople alike.

In keeping with the exhibition title “Baustelle Denkmal” (Construction Site: Monument), the scenographic leitmotif is scaffolding – wooden planks become supports for exhibits and media surfaces and scaffolding tarpaulins become graphic surfaces. What is particularly exiting about the scenography is its changeability. The six exhibition areas reference different types of buildings and thus become an expansive experience.

The exhibition is planned to be barrier-free and bilingual (German and English) and covers approximately 200 square metres. It will be on tour for several years and on show throughout Germany.

Pictures: Stefan Schilling Fotografie