Exhibition „Yes, we’re open!“

Customer: Bundesministerium für Arbeit und Soziales

Year: 2013

Museums and exhibitions

On behalf of the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, facts and fiction, or more precisely our krafthaus studio, is bringing the federal government's offensive for skilled workers into the form of an exhibition.

Germany is one of the OECD countries with the lowest barriers to the immigration of qualified workers - thanks to demographic change and the resulting shortage of skilled workers in some sectors.

Under the title "Yes we're open!", we invite into an abstract apartment whose indicated rooms symbolise various areas of life and in which various people can experience the themes of immigration, integration and welcome culture through personal stories. The paediatrician from Armenia, who can finally work in her profession again; the automotive mechatronics technician trainee from Spain, who benefits from the free choice of workplace in the EU; the German entrepreneur, who is happy about specialists from abroad: The exhibition presents a world-open and diverse Germany.

With exhibits, interactive installations and films, "Yes we're open!" shows how living together succeeds and why the coexistence of people from different backgrounds is an enrichment despite all the challenges. Facts about the immigration history of Germany determine the content as well as concrete examples of intercultural living and a positive welcome culture in companies, authorities and schools.

The nearly 400 sqm touring exhibition tours the Federal Republic of Germany for at least two years. It opens its doors in the Humboldt Box in Berlin, the Museum für Arbeit in Hamburg and the Goethe-Institut in Dresden to inform the public, companies and specialists about potentials and perspectives and to point out options for action.