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Fake for Real
A history of forgeries

Client: House of European History, Brussels

Year: 2024

Museums and exhibitions

From antiquity to the present day: with its travelling exhibition Fake for Real, the House of European History tells the exciting story of forgeries, conspiracies and deceptions.

Fake For Real Rendering
Close-up Design eines Ausstellungsstücks

The exhibition presents forgeries from different eras - from the Trojan Horse, the ancient archetype of deception, to fake news and filter bubbles of the present day. The exhibition sheds light on the historical circumstances surrounding the emergence of fakes and uncovers the interests and motives behind them. Over 130 historical exhibits, including documents, relics, engravings, busts and books, bear witness to the long historical tradition of fakes and forgeries. Six exhibition stations guide visitors chronologically through history and show that in every era, forgeries were made for whatever seemed most important at the time - be it truth, power, profit, identity or information. The scenography of the exhibition is reminiscent of a labyrinth and plays with elements of misdirection and irritation. It creates a secretive and mysterious atmosphere. What is false and what is true? What is fake and what is real? Will the deception be uncovered?

Mögliches Design über die Ausstellung

The structure of the labyrinth allows visitors to be guided chronologically and thematically. The design provides an excellent setting for the diverse exhibits. It enables barrier-free access, is highly modular and can therefore be perfectly adapted to the needs of the various locations.

Design von Infotafeln über das Thema Regieren und Beten

The exhibition will tour museums across Europe from 2024. The first stop will be Thessaloniki in Greece.