50 years Olympiaparc Munich 

Client: Olympiaparc Munich GmbH

Year: 2022

Museums and exhibitions

One exhibition - three locations: On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Olympic Games, facts and fiction is realizing a decentralized exhibition at three different locations in Munich's Olympiapark.


The Jubilee Pavilion sees itself as a central focal point for the city's anniversary celebrations. As an evolutionary further development of the so-called "smallest buildings" of the 1972 Olympic Games, the colorful pavilion surprises with its unusual position: it stands in the middle of the Olympic lake and allows a new, unseen perspective on the park. In terms of content, the anniversary pavilion is all about the history, present and future of sports in the Olympiapark. From the 1972 Olympic Games to the European Championships in August 2022, interactive stations give visitors the opportunity to get involved in sports themselves: For example, the legendary Munich city derbies will be revived at a soccer table: "Sixty ahead, one more goal!" Visitors are also invited to leave personal memories, ideas and impressions in a digital guestbook.


Under the motto "By Elevator into the Future," another exhibition will be presented on the Olympic Tower. It deals with the question of how concerts, festivals, cultural and sporting events will develop in the future. The exhibition provides insights into the visions and ideas of prominent event organizers. The highlight is an interactive VR installation. Visitors can travel through time on the tower via virtual reality - first into the past, then into the future. At a height of 186 meters, it is advantageous to have a head for heights.....


The third exhibition site is the Olympic Stadium: 22 steles present the most important milestones, stories and unforgettable moments from the stadium's beginnings to the here and now. The QR codes on the steles and the clips they contain allow visitors to delve even further into the history and events.

In terms of content, the entire three-part anniversary exhibition deliberately sees itself as a supplement to the existing exhibition sites in the park, the information pavilion between the Olympic Hall and the Olympic Swimming Hall, and the memorial site on Kolehmainenweg, which commemorates the Olympic assassination and the victims of the terrible attack.
All in all, the result is a large, park-wide exhibition that illuminates the history and future of the Olympiapark from a wide variety of perspectives.