Client: Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt

Year: 2018

Museums and exhibitions

Protecting the climate, the oceans, biodiversity and drinking water - these are just some of the great challenges of our time. While the Earth's system has been fairly stable over the last 10000 years, its balance is now in serious danger. This is because we humans are changing the planet. We are deforming landscapes and ecosystems. We consume finite resources and displace animal and plant species. Our earth system is starting to totter.

The exhibition "MenschenWelt - Nachhaltige Entwicklung innerhalb planetarer Leitplanken" ("World of People - Sustainable Development within Planetary Guardrails") of the German Federal Foundation for the Environment shows how we can keep the Earth in a stable equilibrium. The touring exhibition, with its highly interactive concept, is primarily aimed at young people and families. A large number of animations, animated films, listening stations and interactive exhibits illustrate the connections between individual action and global effects and show solutions.

The design theme is the Jenga Tower, which symbolizes the earth system. Individual interventions, such as a pulled-out stone, have no effect on the stability. But if too many stones are pulled out - for example, if too many resources are consumed - the tower starts to shake dangerously.

The eight stations of the exhibition illustrate the concept of planetary guard rails and draw a bow to the UN's sustainability goals. Exciting stories, numerous interactive stations and colourfully illustrated images make it easier for visitors to get to know the complex contents of the exhibition.

The travelling exhibition can be seen at the DBU Centre for Environmental Communication in Osnabrück until the end of 2019. It will then travel through Germany for about five years.