International Metropolis Conference

Client: Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs

Year: 2022


Metropolis International is the largest independent, international research network on the topics of integration, migration, inclusion and diversity. The international Metropolis Conference is held annually at different locations to bring together stakeholders and decision-makers from academia, politics and practice. This year's conference was hosted by the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs in Berlin with 600 guests.

Over 80 workshops and several side events took place over the four days of the event. These included many highlights such as the keynote speech by Dr. Auma Obama on the topic of migration, the cultural event at futurium Berlin and a supporting program with theater, jazz and culinary specialties from Berlin.

facts and fiction created a multimedia production for the opening of the conference. For this, three large projection screens in the bcc were projected with an animation that made the topics of the conference emotionally tangible.

facts and fiction was also responsible for the choice of locations, the curation of the supporting program, the international participant management and the implementation at the various venues.