Open Day 2018

Client: Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs

Year: 2018


The Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs annually offers interested citizens the opportunity to gain an insight into the work and current topics of the House on the occasion of the Federal Government's Open Day.  

In order to make the Open Day public and freely accessible for everyone, the event has not been held in the Ministry itself since 2017, but on the Zietenplatz in front of it as a large street festival. 

For this purpose we developed reusable purpose-built buildings, which take up the special features of the square and allow an open and lively staging. The central element of the festival is the theme roundel, at which the departments of the ministry present themselves and inform about current topics of the house. Guests can talk to the BMAS staff, ask questions and talk about their own experiences. 

A multi-layered stage programme, a children's area with numerous handicrafts and games as well as various food and drink stands complement the existing information offering and invite visitors to linger. Guests can also take a guided tour of the BMAS offices. 

The size of the Zietenplatz makes it possible to integrate additional alternating action modules into the street festival. In 2017, for example, there was a large walk-in scaffold at the front of the square, which featured the campaign claim "We make Germany strong together". In 2018, the guests had the opportunity to inform themselves about the topic of Working 4.0 in a new exhibition tent using various exhibits.

In both years, Über den Tellerrand e. V. was on site with an outdoor cooking studio designed by us and brought people and cultures together in a culinary way. A Tuk-Tuk shuttle service generated additional attention in the immediate vicinity of the event and, on request, brought people directly to the scene of the event.  

Year after year, the combination of space staging, information offerings and program variety attracts the attention of the guests. By 2017, the number of visitors had already risen to over 20,000. In 2018, almost 27,000 guests took advantage of the services of the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. This was made possible thanks to the great commitment of the BMAS staff and the good cooperation between the ministry and the agency. 

Pictures: J. Konrad Schmidt / BMAS