We create wonders

Client: German Federal Ministry for the Environment

Year: 2020


About 70% of the population in Germany consider the climate change to be a serious threat despite Corona, and they estimate its consequences to be as severe as those of the pandemic. More than 60% support linking economic and climate policy. With the dialogue series "We create wonders", the Federal Environment Ministry is addressing the question of how our economy, our work and our lives could look like in the future if we protect the climate and the environment and act in a socially fair manner. Together with the public, visions for a sustainable, climate-friendly life are developed.

On behalf of the ministry we were asked to implement the kick off of the series as a hybrid event. But how do you collect impulses from as many different people as possible if they are unable to come together in one place due to contact restrictions? The answer is a live streamed stage program, in which virtual and on-site participants can contribute at any time via an interaction tool and participate in the course of the event. During the Minister's opening statement, viewers were able to share their socio-ecological visions of the future. In the subsequent panel discussion, they could pose their questions directly to the invited experts and choose which topic should be taken up next in the debate.

More than 300 participants from (home) offices all over Germany and in the atrium of the ministry made active use of this opportunity: more than 80 contributions and questions were received during the one-hour event. The participants' inputs were processed during the event and physically placed on the "Wir-schafft-Wunder" shelf and on the website of the dialogue series.

Pictures: BMU / Christoph Wehrer