Green Week

Client: BMUV

Year: 2023


The BMUV stand at the Green Week presented the core topics of the "Natural Climate Protection Action Programme" in an innovative and interactive way. In close cooperation with the BMUV, facts and fiction aimed to minimise environmental pollution through sustainable resource conservation.

It was crucial to the success of this sustainable approach that everyone involved - from customers to service providers - used their expertise and critically reflected on existing processes in order to identify the most effective solutions for conserving resources. This process was challenging and required intensive coordination and additional effort.

Through collaborative efforts, environmentally friendly alternatives were developed. These included the reuse and redesign of existing materials, the avoidance of special constructions and the planning of sustainable reuses. facts and fiction restored existing exhibits and designed new ones to enable future adaptations. In addition, they all contributed to reducing transport distances and packaging materials.

"Lighthouse projects like these are important in order to pursue the topic of resource conservation even more intensively than we already do."

Max Zürker (Creative Director), Sina Oswald (Concept Designer)

The environmentally conscious approach was clearly presented by facts and fiction as a second storyline at the stand, which attracted the attention of both visitors and trade fair experts. In this way, facts and fiction succeeded in communicating the message of natural climate protection effectively and authentically.

Pictures: Espen Eichhöfer, OSTKREUZ