Night Shift

Client: Bundesministerium für Arbeit und Soziales

Year: 2019


Following the launch of the think tank "Digital Working Society" in 2018, the "Night Shift" event series, which deals with the effects of digitization on working society, was launched the following year. 

As part of this format, the public was invited to an after-work discussion series to talk about the working society in 2040. In the rooms of the think tank, facts and fiction realized a temporary event location, whose centerpiece was the panel discussion. 

In October the design of economic policy in the digital society was discussed, in November the gamification of the working world - with guests from politics, research, business and civil society. In total, the think tank opened its doors to around 80 guests and offered them the opportunity to participate in the political decision-making process. 

Pictures: J. Konrad Schmidt / BMAS