Expo 2020 Pavillon Austria 

Year: 2020

Pavilions and world exhibitions

facts and fiction, together with the Austrian architecture firms Penda and Smartvoll, developed a fascinating design for the Expo 2020 in Dubai: "The Source of Everything". The design was selected as a finalist in the international competition for the design of the Austrian pavilion. 

The giant "water mill" represents Austria's wealth of water -and is a statement for water as a human right and public good. The oversized mill wheels allow the water to circulate through the pavilion, creating a refreshing atmosphere -in the middle of the Dubai desert. Instead of creating a closed and air-conditioned space, the pavilion is transformed into an oversized sprinkler; a place of refreshment and revitalization, reflecting the new and innovative ideas Austria is contributing on its journey to a more sustainable future.

Junges Mädchen mit einem Regenschirm bei der EXPO Österreich

Upon arrival, visitors receive umbrellas in the colours of the Austrianflag to protect them from direct sunlight. Following the entrance ramp, they walk along the building in the shadow of the pavilion and can watch the rotating water mills. They can already see other visitors playing with the water inside the pavilion before they are invited to do so themselves. Inside, it is up to each guest to decide whether to walk through the pavilion with dry feet or enjoy the refreshing coolness of the water.  Various exhibits present Austria as the land of water -and as a land of ideas for the world of tomorrow. Afterwards, visitors find themselves on the water-protected lower level of the pavilion, where a large table and an Austrian snack invite visitors to join in on the conversation in the context of the Expo’s motto "Connecting Minds, Creating the Future"

The pavilion represents the Austrian landscape and its abundance of water as well as the country's hospitality, culture and innovative power. It invites people from all over the world to experience a refreshing moment of exchange and to think about the future together: "Connecting Minds, Creating the Future". Competition entry in cooperation with Dr. Wolfgang Pauser, Penda and Smartvoll.