Expo 2020 Pavilion Monaco 

Client: Monaco Inter Expo

Year: 2020

Pavilions and world exhibitions

Especially since the reign of Prince Albert II, the city-state of Monaco has been working to change its image as the home of the "rich and famous". Numerous initiatives are being taken by the new government to make the country fit for the future. For the presentation at the World Expo 2020, facts and fiction is called upon to communicate the new approaches without losing the flair of exclusivity and elegance. 

Following on from the idea of exclusivity and elegance, the image of a rough diamond was used for the architecture to create a striking image of multifaceting. The facets of the crystal are recognisable, but not yet transformed into a symmetrical form by the cut. This idea led to the adaptation into architecture. The resulting facetted surfaces of the building were completely covered with shimmering blue photovoltaic panels. The result is an absolutely outstanding building that has a unique position in the architecturally demanding environment of the Expo. The building‘s covering with photovoltaic elements not only has a highly aesthetic effect, but also allows the pavilion to be operated in an energy-neutral manner for the entire duration of the World Expo. This, too, is a unique feature. The building is called „Le Rocher“ – named after the rock on which the Prince's Palace of Monaco stands. 

Besides the architecture, the interior of the pavilion is also a unique experience. Even before entering, visitors are immersed in Monaco‘s history through a large-scale picture frieze that tells of the Grimaldi dynasty that stretches back centuries. Afterwards, visitors experience two large exhibition worlds: 

The first, the „Garden of Opportunities“, showcases projects and sustainable initiatives from Monaco around the world. It resembles a kaleidoscopic fantasy garden. In it, art and culture, science, medical research, projects to protect biodiversity and the oceans, and technological innovations can be discovered. The Garden of Opportunities is accompanied by a specially composed scent installation that evokes the typical smells of the Côte d‘Azur, such as pine trees, the sea and blossoms.  

The lighting design is a key element of the exhibition staging. Inspired by the warm colours of the Mediterranean coast, the light in the garden changes in a calm loop and provides the pavilion with a warm Mediterranean atmosphere. 

The second section of the exhibition – the Main Show – is dedicated to Monaco‘s „Identity“: it offers full immersion; a 360-degree dive into a reflective multi-faceted world that takes visitors into the history, culture and values of Monaco and its citizens. In four furious minutes, visitors experience the core values of Monaco's identity. A „world of possibilities“ passes in review; with art and culture, science and sport, history and tradition, ecology and global responsibility. In six chapters from the „Roots“ to the „Dynamics“, the audience enjoys a rousing, multi-faceted choreography. A special highlight is the soundtrack. The composition of the musical score was performed by the world-renowned Monaco Philharmonic Orchestra under the direction of chief conductor Kazuki Yamada. 

In the mood for a virtual visit to the pavilion? Follow this link! 

Pictures: www.keller-fotografie.de