Expo 2020 Pavilion Jordan 

Client: Jordan Investment Commission

Year: 2020

Pavilions and world exhibitions

Under the motto “The Thresholds of Ingenuity”, the Jordan pavilion presents itself at Expo 2020 in Dubai in the “Mobility” cluster, showcasing a new innovative and engaging vision for Jordan that promotes the local Jordanian talents and provides a platform of exchange and cross-border collaborations, empowering its current and future society, economy, and culture. Working in close collaboration with the Jordan Investment Commission, facts and fiction conceptualized and designed the scenography, namely, the exhibition and the visitor’s experience. 

The design of the Jordan pavilion weaves together the layers of nature, heritage, and technology and thus represents the identity of the country: Its unique landscapes, its rich cultural heritage, and its capacity for innovation. The spatial narrative unfolds through diverse scenographic settings inspired by Jordan’s breathtaking land/cityscapes. It provides a highly immersive, interactive, and sensorial environment that activates the visitors to experience Jordan with all their senses. 

The pavilion greets visitors with an impressive walk-in sculpture inspired by the famous Siq of Petra, geometrically translated into a sophisticated modular wooden structure, enhanced with soft light, soundscapes of Jordan, and its hauntingly beautiful aromas. Filled with anticipation, the light breaking through the gorge guides the visitors into the main exhibition, a space of expanse lightness, where white thread curtains form the architecture moving gently in the air and enforcing the illusion of floating as they fade into the dark reflective floor. Three main exhibition islands offer insights into Jordan’s heritage, culture, and aspiring future visions through hands-on interactive exhibits. 

A poetic media installation found at the heart of the main exhibition space called “The Portal” offers a symbolic gateway into the heart of Jordan. It wraps the visitors with shimmering projections of Jordanian landscapes and legendary cultural treasures enhanced by traditional musical instruments that the visitors can activate through their movement to collaboratively compose a unique symphony of Jordan. 

Dunkler Raum mit Bildschirm EXPO 2020 jordanien

Crossing the final threshold, the visitors end their journey at “the Treasury”, the pavilion’s souvenir shop. A highly staged space, reflecting the vibrant informal growth of Jordanian cities, offering a selection of local products sourced from young Jordanian designers and community empowering initiatives. The Treasury exhibition tells the stories behind the items on display and transforms shopping into a personal experience. 

In the mood for a virtual visit to the pavilion? Follow this link!