Expo 2017 Pavilion Azerbaijan

Client: Heydar Aliyev Foundation

Year: 2017

Pavilions and world exhibitions

The motto of the World EXPO 2017 in the Kazakhstan capital Astana is "Future Energy". This presents a challenge for the pavilion of the Near Eastern state of Azerbaijan.

More than 90% of the country's economy is based on the fossil fuels oil and natural gas. The declared goal of the country, however, is the promotion of regenerative energy sources for the post-oil era.

Getting attuned to the history and traditions of Azerbaijan takes place via a walkable time spiral consisting of large-format photo surfaces and AV stations.

The exhibition shows the development of country's current energy projects. A popular exhibit is the large wind machine where visitors can experience the wind speeds at different wind park locations in Azerbaijan first-hand.

An interactive "smart grid" demonstrates the need for intelligent management of the ever-weather-dependent regenerative energy carriers.

Great fun awaits the young visitors: Wading through a virtual mud volcano, which triggers huge bubbles – and of course the accompanying noises.

A new source of energy yet to be developed is methane ice, enormous quantities of which are stored along the shelf edges of the Caspian Sea. The visitor can interactively explore this underwater location with a Pepper's ghost installation.

The main show spectacularly demonstrates the most beautiful sides of Azerbaijan. A journey through the ancient tradition of carpet weaving is staged as a magic carpet ride. The visitors sit on a valuable, real carpet and enjoy the 220° view of the country - headwind included.

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