The German pavilion needed to provide an attractive mixture of information and entertainment. facts and fiction addressed this challenge with Seavolution, a presentation of revolutionary scientific and technological developments with a virtual 360° diving trip as the highlight.

Expo 2012 German Pavilion "Seavolution"

Client: Hamburg trade fair und Congress

Year: 2012

Pavilions and world exhibitions

Organised by Hamburg Messe and Congress GmbH on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, the German pavilion at the EXPO 2012 in South Korea aimed to demonstrate the innovative capacity of German companies and research institutions to the world. The motto of world exposition ‘The Living Ocean and the Coast‘ set the course by which the crew from facts and fiction and GTP architects oriented their conceptual design.

Seavolution presented a fascinating trip from the German coast to the bottom of the ocean. The route led to three topical islands - coasts, living space and treasure trove - and to a spectacular ‘main show’. An attractive mix of information and entertainment awaited the visitors who are directly involved in the action with the help of interactive elements attached to the various exhibits.

In the waiting zone in front of the pavilion the visitors were able to test their knowledge of Germany by solving an interactive quiz. A short film shown in the entrance area presented the German coasts of the North Sea and Baltic Sea and the big harbours including Hamburg’s HafenCity before entering the exhibition itself and the virtual 360° diving trip.

The pavilion’s logo designed by facts and fiction kept to the maritime motto of the Expo. Orienting itself aesthetically on a nautilus, a type of cephalopod from the late Precambrian period, the logo’s colours of black, red and yellow added a ‘made in Germany’ twist.