Casa Barilla Gebäude von außen

Casa Barilla

Client: Barilla

Year: 2011

Museums and exhibitions

Barilla makes great pasta products. But the market leader wanted to get people talking about more than Italian food; they wanted to increase their brand visibility too. To do this, Barilla entrusted facts and fiction with staging the Casa Barilla roadshow in several German cities for the third time.

Zwei Personen kochen bei der Casa Barilla

We prepared the roadshow just al dente and set off through Germany to highlight the variety and quality of Barilla's products.

Koch präsentiert Soßen bei Casa Barilla

Mi casa es su casa – the Casa Barilla is a brand world with 1,200 square meters of exhibition space and an inviting and capacious terrace to present the company's products and, in particular, the brand values.

Kinderunterhaltung bei Casa Barilla

The broad range of events introduced visitors to the Italian way of life with cooking contests run by well-known TV chefs, cooking workshops, an exhibition on the history of the Barilla brand, and a fun programme for children.

Live-kochen mit zwei Personen bei Casa Barilla

Of course, the visitors were invited to enjoy a gastronomic experience for free or an optional donation to a local charity. With 51,000 visitors greeted, 45,000 dishes of pasta served, and €12,000 given in donations, Casa Barilla was a great success.