We create and design museums and exhibitions worldwide.

For example, the Berlin exhibition inside the Berlin City Palace that opened in 2021.

EXPO pavilions are our passion.

Over the past 18 years, we have designed and built seven EXPO pavilions, four more joined in Dubai in 2021.

We develop narratives for industry and economy.

Events, trade fairs, road shows, films and exhibitions – for companies from a wide variety of industries.

We arouse enthusiasm for democracy.

We support several federal ministries and organize the annual citizens' festival of the Federal President.

We develop our own projects.

From the initial idea to financing and implementation. Because we are convinced of them.

We love what we do.

If you like your work, you work better. This philosophy has been the basis of our success for over 25 years.

We conceive, design and realise museums and exhibitions, trade fairs, showrooms, events, exhibits, hands-on, road shows, films, interactive media and campaigns. Analog and digital.

We bring your ideas and content into space and create fascinating and meaningful experiences for a wide audience. We create interaction, proximity, identification and understanding.
We connect people – with know-how and passion.

We develop ideas and are experts in conception. For the fields of art, culture, industry and science, we create scenography, entire exhibition architectures, design, graphics, media and lighting design. We produce media, graphics and, if desired, even the entire exhibition construction.

We are one.
We are three.

facts and fiction

for companies and countries.

For more than 25 years we have been working successfully for companies from a wide variety of industries. Nationally and internationally. We are also specialized in EXPO pavilions – for companies and countries.

facts and fiction

for politics and society.

We support ministries, institutions and associations in communicating their activities in a target-oriented way. To the general public as well as to selected target groups with specialized interests.

facts and fiction

for cultural institutions.

We are specialized in the development, conception and design of exhibitions and museums. In all sizes, for fixed installations or mobile ones. In addition, we support cultural institutions in all kinds of communicative challenges.

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