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TOTAL Expo 2017

The French pavilion at EXPO 2017 is a joint venture between several large companies in France.

One of the largest of these is the mineral oil company TOTAL. The group promotes and researches projects around the topic of regenerative energy worldwide. The company sees itself as having a global responsibility. In order to take up this approach and make it perceptible, krafthaus installed a projected globe with a diameter of almost four meters in the center of the 103 m² sub-pavilion.

The image consists of a computer-assisted amalgamation of thousands of satellite images at the highest resolution. This provides a photorealistic view of the earth, type of which only astronauts are otherwise able to enjoy. A highly emotive experience that impels many visitors to simply sit down and marvel at the beauty of the Blue Planet.


The name of the installation itself reflects its intention: "A Jewel in Space".

Visitors can learn about Total's global projects at interactive infostations using a fun wheel-shaped interface.

A special highlight at the end of the visit is the projection "It's in your hands". Proposals for a more sustainable approach to the earth are projected directly onto the open palms of the hand. A special experience with a strong, metaphorical statement.


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