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Since 2010, the Jobcenter Day has brought together managers from job centres, communities, the Federal Employment Agency, the local umbrella organisations and the federal states on an annual day in Berlin. With a changing focus, current problems and challenges from the job centres and employment agencies are discussed. With around 1,000 participants, the Job Centre Day is the most important event in the field of basic job security for job seekers.

The event is roughly divided into a plenary and a workshop phase. In the first phase, the status quo and current challenges are discussed through introductory speeches, keynote speeches and panel discussions.  The second part of the day is marked by a workshop phase. In six different thematic workshops, the participants explain practical problems and jointly develop solution concepts. 

The implementation of the Day of the Job Centers is carried out hand in hand between the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and the various framework contract agencies. facts and fiction is primarily responsible for the organisational support and realisation of the event.

Pictures: © J. Konrad Schmidt/BMAS


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