Bundesministerium für Arbeit und Soziales

Salon in the Kleisthaus

In October 2020, the Federal Government Commissioner for the Affairs of People with Disabilities launched its new video podcast. In a talk format, the Federal Government Commissioner Jürgen Dusel talks to cultural workers, artists and people in public life about the connections between art, democracy and participation.

In the first episode of the video podcast, Jürgen Dusel meets the gallery owner Johann König. His gallery in St. Agnes Church in Kreuzberg is considered an institution of the contemporary art market. König, who went blind in an accident at the age of eleven, talks about his beginnings as a gallery owner and his position as a blind man on the art market. Dusel and König discuss their approach to art in a conversation about Readymades, Postvisual Art and Thomas Mann's "The Magic Mountain". The podcast is musically accompanied by Jonas Hauer, who fills the expansive space of the St. Agnes Church with experimental accordion music.

In order to make the podcast barrier-free, subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing, sign language and audio description were added to the video in post-production. The podcast is also available in plain language.

You can watch the first "Salon in the Kleisthaus" with Jürgen Dusel and Johann König here: Salon in the Kleisthaus with Johann König

In plain language, the "Salon in the Kleisthaus" can be found here: Salon in the Kleisthaus with Johann König in plain language.


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