Ausstellung Beltringharder Koog

Integrated Station West Coast

The Beltringharder Koog is a nature reserves which boasts more birds than most other regions and has a unique ecosystem. It is located in the immediate vicinity of the Wadden Sea National Park and a World Heritage Site.  

With the new building of the Integrated Station West Coast, an information center for public relations and environmental education as well as for research and nature management is created. Behind the exhibition is the Beltringharder Koog working group, an association of the „Schutzstation Wattenmeer“, „NABU Schleswig-Holstein“, „BUND Schleswig-Holstein“ and „WWF-Germany“. 

In close cooperation with the working group facts and fiction developed the exhibition for the nature reserve. The special usage of colors and shapes of the landscape are the centrale quality of the design. Accessibility for the diverse target groups plays a major role in the conception. No matter if ornithologist, beach vacationer or school classes, the exhibition allows the visitors a playful introduction as well as a deep examination with the topic. 

Special attention is paid to the education of children. A specially developed mascot guides them through the exhibition. Interactive stations invite them to puzzle, play and explore. Moreover rare bird specimens attract the visitors' attention.  

Two media installations form the heart of the exhibition. An interactive timeline guides visitors through the exciting history of the nature reserve. Atmospheric projections are triggered by touch and merge with the atmospheric illustrations on the exhibition wall. Another highlight is the expansive area map, which can be explored augmented with rolling tripods. 

Sustainability and resource efficiency are considered in all planning phases. facts and fictions accompanied all project phases – from conception, design and curation to implementation planning and construction.


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