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German Mining Museum – Exhibition Natural Resources

The third tour of the Mining Museum: "Natural Resources. Resources of the Earth", is devoted to the general theme of georesources. In contrast to the museum's other exhibition tours, this tour is designed to be scientific.  

At the beginning of the tour, visitors enter a domed space in which three projections can be seen. This area is dedicated to the formation of the earth and its internal dynamics. The projections form an atmospheric framework and show visual worlds of various earth phenomena, from volcanic eruptions and earthquakes to microscopic images of growing crystals.

The central part of the tour reveals an entirely different scenography. The space has the appearance of a laboratory, in which six laboratory tables are distributed. Each table is dedicated to one class of raw materials and is supplemented by a glass display depot, in which the various mineral resources can be appreciated in their raw form. Each laboratory table is covered with numerous elements of stimulating and playful knowledge transfer: hands-on exhibits alternate with experimental stations and exciting models.

The laboratory is complemented by an interactive game – a paper chase – which innovatively combines digital and analogue experiences. To begin, players draw a playing card at a starting terminal. Tasked with building an object and asked a pertinent question, they are sent to the first table, where the answer to their question can be found. Answering correctly, players identify the raw materials needed to build their object. These materials are then located at the display depot, where they can be "collected" using hand scanners. The game then leads the players to the next laboratory table, encouraging guests to work through the tour's contents playfully.

The tour ends with a room installation consisting of three projections and a large historical exhibit--a briquette press that presses raw material lignite into briquettes. The projections present animated films of white lines on a black background, creating the impression that the animations run freely on the black painted wall. These eight films reveal the advantages and disadvantages of the use of specific raw energy resources, allowing visitors to form informed opinions on different energy mixes, with full consciousness of their particular problems.



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