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German Mining Museum – Exhibition Mining

The tour "Mining. Stone Age with a Future" is devoted to the general history of mining. It depicts the changes in demand for raw materials and their relationship to the respective economic, ecological and social conditions. The history of humankind cannot be told without the history of mining - and vice versa. To make this barely graspable global history understandable, it is told in three chapters, with a scenography that develops accordingly throughout the tour.   

Chapter one ranges from the beginnings of humankind to the Iron Age, when humans began to mine and work elementary raw materials. The area is characterised by anthracite-coloured monoliths.

Chapter two begins in antiquity with the impressive (technical) achievements of the Imperium Romanum and extends to the early modern era. During this period, a scientific view of mining became widely accepted, and the first regions that concentrated on the mining and trading of raw materials were established. The chapter is constructed in the central building material of the time: wood.

The final and concluding chapter begins with industrialisation and extends into the future. The area is an interpretation of the classic scenographic white cube. However, instead of a purely white space, it is occupied by white orthogonal bodies sitting on top of each other, overlapping or corresponding to each other in some other form. The white components create a playful and impressive impression of a global and rationalised industrial mining of raw materials.

Adjacent to the tour, but still thematically connected to it, is the Mining Game. A semicircular projection of six synchronised laser beamers creates a 360-degree immersion experience through a mirrored opposite wall. The multiplayer game starts with questions about personal needs and the consumption of smartphones: how often do you buy a new mobile phone? Do you buy new or used mobile phones? The game's goal is to extract raw materials for a smartphone within a time window based on the player's personal needs. However, the players must not only strive to mine the raw materials but also take care of the waste produced. Once completed, the final condition of the earth is presented to all players and spectators, allowing for debate and group discussions.



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