Zweckverband Deutsch-Deutsches Museum Mödlareuth

Deutsch-Deutsches Museum Mödlareuth

As Berlin itself, the small village of Mödlareuth – called "Little Berlin" – was separated by a wall on the border between Bavaria and Thuringia during the Cold War. One part of the village was in the Federal Republic, the other in the DDR.
The Deutsch-Deutsches Museum Mödlareuth gives an insight into the time of the division and shows the background and the effects on the habitants of the village. On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, it was decided in 2019 to provide the museum with a new building, which is expected to be completed in 2025.

facts and fiction was able to prevail in a multi-stage competition to design the new permanent exhibition and revise the outdoor exhibition. 
In the first construction phase, the museum's outdoor exhibition will be completely revised and redesigned by the end of 2022.

facts and fiction, in close cooperation with Grünplan Landschaftsarchitekten, will be responsible for the wayfinding system, the various information pillars, the tracing of the construction of the Wall and the handling of the original exhibits.
In the second construction phase, the new permanent exhibition for the new museum building planned by Atelier 30 Architekten will be designed and implemented by 2025.


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