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General Renovation German Mining Museum

After several years of core renovation, the German Mining Museum in Bochum will be completely reopened this year. Together with "res d", krafthaus, the atelier of facts and fiction, has redesigned and staged approximately 8,000 m2 of exhibition space. The first two exhibition tours were partly opened at the beginning of 2018, the third and fourth tours will follow in 2019.

The first tour is the "Hard Coal" tour, in which various facets of hard coal mining in Germany are presented "chronothematically". Thematic spaces (economy, geography, politics, life, work) provide specific overviews while at the same time depicting historical developments. The outstanding main exhibit is the trunk remnant of an approx. 306 million years old club moss from the Carboniferous Age, which has been carefully restored.

The second tour "Mining" deals with the worldwide relationship between man and mining. The periods are reflected in the scenography, which in the Stone Age is characterised by black monoliths, in the Middle Ages by wooden bodies and in the industrialisation by white cubes until the space dissolves in the "Forum".

Here the visitor dives into an immersive multiplayer installation. In the 20 m wide landscape projection, the visitors shall mine raw materials for their mobile phones and learn to understand the effects on our environment and world community.
As a Leibniz Research Museum for Georesources, it is particularly important to the German Mining Museum to be able to integrate current research findings into the exhibition.

In the summer of 2019, after completion of the work in the south wing, the two further tours on the topics of mineral resources as well as art and culture in mining will be accessible and complete the new permanent exhibition concept.


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