History of Life

Client: Natural History Museum Basel

Year: 2028

Museums and exhibitions

Of crises and flourishing periods, innovations and upheavals: a journey through the history of life.

Life on Earth arose around four billion years ago. Environmental catastrophes, changing global living conditions, the emergence of completely new features and the colonisation of new habitats shaped the development of life forms and the appearance of living nature.

Grundriss-Skizze Black-Smoker Einstieg

The History of Life exhibition at the Natural History Museum Basel tells of the important milestones in evolution - events and changes that led to major upheavals in the diversity of organisms. It offers many impressive objects and stories: Fossils, skeletons, dioramas and illustrations of habitats.

Grundriss Skizze

facts and fiction is planning and designing the permanent exhibition, which will open in 2028 in the new building of the Natural History Museum Basel.