Whether exhibition or event, we are faced with the question of how we can continue to bring people together.

The corona pandemic confronts us all with challenges we have never faced before. At the moment, real encounters and interactions between people are only possible to a very limited extent – whether in museums, at exhibitions or at events. We are challenged by the question of how we can continue to bring people together. How we can convey content and keep the exchange alive.

So we got down to work and thought about how we could achieve this goal with hybrid and digital formats. We rethought events, exhibitions and also the potential of cultural and educational institutions and found ways to bring genuine interaction into digital space.

Encounter and
interaction in times
of social distancing.

Political events on the Internet – 
hybrid or digital

The corona pandemic poses exceptional challenges for companies and politics. Maintaining social discourse is more important than ever.
With a precisely tailored combination of different digital tools, whether these are video conferences, live streams, chats, interactive whiteboards or the integration of social media, communication goals can be carried interactively into the digital space. From keynote speeches at the opening of an event to panel discussions, workshops and follow-up communication – with the help of a well thought strategy, new, digital and convincing formats are thus created, which enable a lively exchange. Formats that integrate, reach and convince the target group also in the current situation.

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The seemingly simple question is: who communicates what with whom and with what goal.

Museums and cultural institutions in digital change

The digital change inspires and encourages innovative concepts that take place in the digital space and bring people together at that very place. We have developed digital concepts that awaken new interests, inspire people in a playful way and move cultural spaces into your own four walls or directly into the classroom – without any limits.

Art and culture on the Internet

With virtual, live streamed tours, we enable people around the world to become interactively involved and make digital exhibition tours an exclusive experience – not only in the current crisis, but for the long term!  

During the live stream, visitors can interact personally with the exhibition guides. This creates an exclusive contact between visitors and exhibition mediators and thus a worldwide, interactive network of exchange that knows no boundaries. And all of this without losing personal access – our formats keep you very close despite the distance!

The live streamed tours are adapted to target groups in terms of content and concept. In this way, individual tours are created for children, young people, adults and senior citizens. Tours that focus on different topics and are available in different languages. In close collaboration with curators, institutions and cooperation partners, we create an exciting, virtual and interactive experience.

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Educational initiatives on the Internet

With our diverse pedagogically based formats, streamed and on demand, digital and analogue, museums can interact with educational institutions and schools and become an integral part of the virtual classroom – a kind of Wandertag 2.0. This creates a tightly woven educational network and helps teachers to integrate relevant content from extracurricular educational institutions easily and digitally. The Wandertag 2.0 interactively integrates the pupils by allowing them to interact with the exhibition mediator and thus makes the digital Wandertag an exciting, communicative and narrative experience. This is how we open the doors of schools and educational institutions for both large and small institutions.

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One digital platform for museums & cultural institutions

All formats can also be enhanced by digital modules and combined on a single platform: From registration to podcasts and learning materials – all is in one place. The platform is also individually adaptable in its function and graphic appearance.


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