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Everyone knows it, everyone does it

Live communication is the most normal thing in the world. We talk to and interact with other people, openly and directly every day.

Products and brands also need to interact with people and address them directly with their qualities. They only need to be understood. Then it is easy for people and brands to become friends.

And this is where facts and fiction come into play. We are one of the largest agencies for live communication in Germany, organising events, road shows and trade fair appearances.

Among other things. We also design exhibitions in museums and other places, produce films and multimedia installations just as well.

Our symbol, mascot, and guiding spirit is the flying fish. Whilst we can't provide you with omega-3 fatty acids, we can certainly offer many other essential ingredients. We are far from being satiated.

All this is backed up by our successful contract quota and explains why facts and fiction has been hovering at the top of the official creative sector rankings for many years.


Many people think the flying fish is a mythical creature. Far from it! It is real and its symbolism suits facts and fiction perfectly. A sprightly creature, the flying fish unexpectedly glides, arrow-quick over the water, and not just for fun, but because it is central to its existence.

facts and fiction employs unique people able to combine their sense of humour, their playfulness, and their passion with comprehensivertise expertise and analytical thinking. The reason for this: they aim to continuously surprise our clients and offer them more than they expect. Customised and sophisticated concepts rather than standard solutions.




Being a member of the facts and fiction team means telling consistent and exciting stories. Stories that come from the heart and go straight to the heart. Because people reason with their brains but make decisions with their hearts. In this respect, live communication aimed at the heart is pretty reasonable after all.

If you don't dream of flying you won't grow wings.


Face-to-face communication is our passion. But not our only one, though. We also have a weakness for films – a fact our customers can profit from, too. Because there are contents or messages that allow for better presentation via a medium. It is often the perfect interaction of a film and a multimedia installation that permits many events to unfold their full potential.

Our film/multimedia unit is ready with the script and camera at hand to find the suitable form of implementation. From the technical point of view, this includes changes in perspectives, time-compressing cutting, and sophisticated computer effects. For us, however, it is first and foremost the story that is decisive in delivering the message. After all, we have the fiction in our name.

Exhibition / museum

Addressing the target group in an emotional manner is not only an essential factor of success with events, but also with exhibitions. Apart from that, exhibitions staged in museums or elsewhere are governed by their own separate rules, however. The topics are complex and demanding, and the visitors entering the exhibition venue have high expectations and a lot of time.

The task of taking this into consideration and of balancing form and contents appropriately is picture-perfect for krafthaus. The artist‘s workshop of facts and fiction deals with the field of museums/exhibitions and accommodates a team of concept designers, cultural scientists, architects, and communication designers. They work in close co-operation with each other, have an artistic streak, and meet facts and fiction’s well-known high standard concerning professional processing and financial solidity – just people with the right attitude when it comes to exhibitions.


The word ‘event‘ originates from the language used in particle physics. When elementary particles collide at the speed of light, they disintegrate to become pure energy – this is what scientists call an event.

Events developed and implemented by facts and fiction hit the mark. And here pure energy is released, too: in the form of emotions inuring to the benefit of our customers.

No matter whether corporate event, exhibition event, or public event – they all have to subject themselves to strategic targeting first. After this, we develop the convenient concept and implement it in every small detail. The professional combination of fast information transfer and optimum entertainment makes an event organized by facts and fiction a fascinating and memorable event.


Doing it the fair way is best: doubtlessly, a fair is a first-class opportunity to bring the brand and the consumers closer to each other – this has been true for about 1000 years already. Although the experience of facts and fiction in the field of fairs (public product exhibitions) has not been gained over such a long period of time, we dispose of profound knowledge regarding the topical development and technical implementation of exhibition booths tailor-made for the corresponding communication concept.

We regard ourselves as servants of a special kind: by offering a multitude of different presentation types like attraction design, multimedia, and live action, we convert exhibition booths to ambassadors of brands.


Overview 2012-2015


FAMAB Award: Bronze for "#türauf"

FAMAB Award: Bronze and a White Apple for Pavilion Kazakhstan at the EXPO 2015

Galaxy Award: Grand Award for Pavilion Monaco at the EXPO 2015

B.I.E Award: Silver for Pavilion Monaco at the EXPO 2015

B.I.E Award: Bronze for Pavilion Kazakhstan at the EXPO 2015

Class Expo Pavilion Heritage Award: Gold for Pavilion Monaco at the EXPO 2015

EuBea: Shortlist Pavilion Kazakhstan at the EXPO 2015

German Design Award: Special Mention for Pavilion Kazakhstanat the EXPO 2015 

Galaxy Award: Gold for Pavilion Monaco and bronze for Pavilion Kazakhstanat the EXPO 2015 

Exhibitor magazine’s Expo Awards: Editor’s Choice Winner for Pavilion Kazakhstan

Exhibitor magazine’s Expo Awards: Honorable Mention for Pavilion Kazakhstan and Pavilion Monaco at the EXPO 2015

CommAwards: Shortlist Pavilion Kazakhstan and Pavilion Monaco at the EXPO 2015

FAMAB: Nominated for "#türauf" and for Pavilion Kazakhstan at the EXPO 2015

Cannes Corporate Media & TV Award: Gold for World Expo 2017 Future Energy

Deauville Green Awards: Silver for World Expo 2017 Future Energy

World Media Festival: Gold and Grand Award for World Expo 2017 Future Energy

iF communication design award for the Bayer Anniversary Tour


if communication design award for "Ungehobene Schätze"

ITVA Award: Silver for the film "150 Jahre Bayer"

ITVA Award: Bronze for the Bayer animatic "Did you know?"

BoB Award for the Bayer Anniversary Tour

World Media Festival: Gold for the film "150 Jahre Bayer"

World Media Festival: Silver for the Bayer animatic "Did you know?"

Mercury Award: Silver for film "150 Jahre Bayer"

Mercury Award: Honors for the Bayer animatic "Did you know?"

Golden Award of Montreux for the Bayer Anniversary Tour

German Design Award: Honours for the Bayer Anniversary Tour

Galaxy Award: Bronze for the Microsoft Roadshow "Hotel Mama"


Red Dot Communication Design Award for iLux 

BoB Award: Gold for Goethe-Institut "Fairy Tales"

BoB Award: Bronze for the German Pavilion at the EXPO 2012 

World Media Festival: Silver for Lanxess “Lightweight”
Golden Award of Montreux: 2 Finalist Awards for the German Pavilion at the EXPO 2012 

Golden Award of Montreux: Finalist Award for Goethe Institute "Fairy Tales"

German Design Award for Goethe Intstitute "Fairy Tales"

Galaxy Award: Bronze for iLux 

Galaxy Award: Bronze for Bayer Anniversary Tour 

European Best Event Award: Best Roadshow Bayer Anniversary Tour 

EVA Award: Bronze for Silent Kranhaus Konzert 

EVA Award: Bronze for "Ungehobene Schätze"

EVA Award: Bronze for iLux 

ADAM Award: Bronze for the Bayer Anniversary Tour 

DDC: Bronze for "Ungehobene Schätze"

Gala Award for the Bayer Anniversary Tour 

Corporate Media Award: Master of Excellence for the film "150 Jahre Bayer" 

Corporate Media Award: Master of Excellence for Bayer animatic "Did you know?"


Corporate Media: Master of Excellence und Award of Master for the Lanxess film „Green Mobility“

EVA Award: Bronze for the German Pavilion at the EXPO 2012

EuBEA: Gold for the German Pavilion at the EXPO 2012

Galaxy Award: Gold for the German Pavilion at the EXPO 2012

if communication design award for Goethe Institute "Fairy Tales"

ADAM: Bronze for Goethe Institute "Fairy Tales"

CommClub.Der Raum: Bronze for Goethe Institute "Fairy Tales"

World Media Festival Gold for Bayer "Erlebniswelt Baykomm"

Internat. Wirtschaftsfilmtage Wien Silver for Lanxess "Green Mobility"

Internat. Wirtschaftsfilmtage Wien, Silver for K+S "Ein unverzichtbarer Teil unseres Lebens"

Art Directors Club
: Bronze for Goethe Institute "Fairy Tales"

Red Dot Communication Design Award for Goethe Institute "Fairy Tales"

EXPO Award for the German Pavilion at the EXPO 2012


We are accustomed to assuming responsibility

This is not only true with the projects we implement for our customers. This is also true with many other matters.

For facts and fiction, responsibility starts inside our own four walls, i.e. with the facts and fictioners. The management treats all its employees in a respectful way and offers them the best working conditions possible. Our employment contracts include work places in an inspiring environment, individual promotion in the form of advanced training, and a responsible handling of working hours, to mention just a few examples.

In our agency, apprentices, interns, and trainees rank among the fully-fledged employees, too. We support treibhaus 0.8, a programme for career starters comprising a paid one-year internship including extra-occupational studies of conceptual design to be completed in parallel.

But we also accept responsibility outside of our house: for many years, facts and fiction has been assisting the project ‘Köln kickt’ (‘Cologne kicks the ball’). We help by providing workmanship and cash. In addition, children’s homes at Cologne, the association Mukoviszidose e.V., and the Landesverband Lebenshilfe NRW for whom we organized the World Championship for Disabled People profited from our sense of responsibility in the past, too. To use the same metaphor again: for us, the conservation of the garden is important, too.

Since 2008, we have been supplied with green electricity and, since 2011, have been neutral with regard to CO2 output. The latter is obtained by means of reforestation projects implemented in co-operation with ArBolivia.

We are definitely not moralists, but we surely have our principles. One result of this is that we refuse to work for certain customers or industrial sectors. As examples, we would like to mention the tobacco and weapon industries as well as all groups holding anti-democratic or inhuman views.

We do not presumptuously believe, of course, that we always come up to our responsibility. However, we hope that our employees, customers, or any other people will point out to us immediately and clearly whenever we should lose track of it.

PS: in the course of the last 20 years, more than 80 children were born to our employees. It is true that facts and fiction expressly refuses to assume any personal responsibility for this, but it shows that with us job and family can go very well together – and that facts and fictioners are ready to take responsibility outside of their working life, too.



First off: we are always pleased to meet motivated people with excellent professional qualifications, and this must not necessarily be related to any existing job offers. This is particularly true with regard to freelancers working in the field of conceptual design, media design, architecture, and project management and does not only refer to our office at Cologne, but also to our representative office at Germany’s capital Berlin.

If we have aroused your interest, please let us know who you are, what you have done so far, what you would like to do in the future, and what makes facts and fiction so attractive for you.

As a result, you may become an enriching part of our team quite quickly.



Looking for a full-time architect for the Cologne office - focus on construction and project management

We are looking for a project manager, who is thrilled to work on national and international exhibition projects. You have relevant professional experience in project and construction management of projects of all sizes - from temporary exhibitions to the complete equipping of museums.

You are thinking holistic and can survey even complex projects. You are self-reliant, focus on the goal and, if needed, can guide external and in-house colleagues. You bring experience regarding all phases of a project, especially in regard to realisation and construction.

You are thrilled to work in an interdisciplinary team, you have passion for cultural and social topics but you are also able to work with big companies. You are not afraid of international turn-key projects and can also create big pictures out of small budgets.

Please send your portfolio in addition to your earliest starting date and salary expectations to: 

Ulrike Swinn-Zeimetz
facts+fiction GmbH, Anna-Schneider-Steig 2, 50678 Köln
+49 221 951530 53

Your tasks:

  • Preparatory organisation, supervision and coordination of construction sites
  • Set-up of construction schedules
  • Set-up and examination of execution plans
  • Identification of construction defects and monitoring their elimination
  • Supervision and acceptance of the construction work according to the construction description
  • Organisation of official approvals
  • Cost determination and cost control



  • University degree in architecture 

  • minimum 5 years’ work experience

  • Experience with HOAI (part II and IX)